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What do YOU need? That’s what I care about. Whether you’re a fresh start-up looking to make a lasting first impression or an established business wanting a new lick of paint, the services I provide draw on a belief to create a tailored approach that turns your vision into a memorable, bold and striking design.

MY process

In the section below I’ve broken down and outlined how I typically work on a project. This can be applied to all my services (with a bit of give and take here and there). Each step is clearly laid out to give you a better understanding of what you can expect from me and any resulting project.

1 - consult

I always aim to build a solid relationship with my clients and provide the best and most professional service possible. To achieve this, I feel a quick chat is always best to see how I can help you and your project and to iron out the finer details like scope, timelines, budget and so on. This consultation can be done in whatever way works best for you – Skype, email, phone call or even in person (scary thought I know!). Just let me know your preferred method when you initially contact me

2 - Discovery

What’s your vision? What’s the idea? This is where you educate me to give me a deeper understanding about your brand/club/product/services, etc., and what makes it tick. Let’s get everything you think I need to know together in one place (usually my notebook). If there are any points I find intriguing or feel should be elaborated on, I’ll pop you a quick email and hopefully we can delve a little deeper.

3 - understanding

This part is all about research - understanding you, your market and your competitors. I’ll collate some images - into a ‘board’ of sorts - of example logos, styles, colours, type and anything else I feel reflects the direction we want to take your vision. I’ll then send the board to you via email and you can pick what does and doesn’t work for you, so we can ensure we get the right visual identity and direction for your idea.

4 - concept development

This is where the fun begins! Now I know what makes your vision special, I can get to work on bringing it to life. I’ll present you with three digital concepts that are all created with your vision and ideas in mind. Each concept will have a brief description to explain how they reflect and represent your brand and the thought process behind them. *Please note – the number of concepts may change depending on the type and size of the project. The amount provided will be agreed upon during the initial consultation phase.

5 - revision

After you’ve received your three digital concepts (and had chance to view and analyse them all) it’s time for you to provide a detailed email response with your feedback. You can also specify which concept you would like to take further. Your feedback and response will then be used to alter and refine your chosen concept into the finished article. For most projects, there will be a maximum of two rounds of revisions to your favourite concept.

6 - Finalising your design

Once you’ve approved the final design you will be billed your outstanding balance. Upon receiving the final payment I’ll create alternate formats and sizes of your approved design and send you a download link. Everyone’s happy! That’s it. It’s over, done, finito - time to relax and get your brand-spanking new design out into the world.

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